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(This is one of the Aaron Spicer proofs)


Nick and I were asked to play some music before the wedding started, as folks entered the church.
We played these selections but the live recording (Aug. 22, 09) didn't come out to my satisfaction, so we re-recorded them (Aug. 29, 09).
Full disclosure: I did the keyboard part of Prelude on Aug 28 at home and Nick added viola when we did the rest at his house.
And, I did a few digital tweaks on the computer after the Aug 29 recordings but we're still not 100% happy with it. However, it was a bit of a rush project so I could hand a CD to the happy couple today (8/30/09) when they stopped in Export. Maybe someday we can do them over if/when Nick gets a nicer classical guitar ... and I get my hands on a real piano!
It's a poor workman who blames his tools.

Recorded Aug 29 in Pittsburgh:

  1.    Prelude in C Major (J.S.Bach). Gareth: keyboard; Nick: viola.
  2.    Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (J.S.Bach). Nick: Yamaha "silent" guitar; Gareth: 5-string bass guitar.
  3.    Canon (J.Pachelbel). Nick: Yamaha "silent" classical guitar; Gareth: steel-string guitar.

Recorded Aug 22 with minidisc, live at the wedding in Virginia:

  1.    Prelude in C Major (J.S.Bach)
  2.    Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (J.S.Bach)
  3.    Canon (J.Pachelbel)

(Another one of the Aaron Spicer proofs, hope he won't mind me using it)

Numbers shown correspond to the CD tracks.
If your stereo is like mine, Nick tends to the left channel and I the right.

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