Intended to foster music projects with online track-sharing. That was the idea anyway.

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Unintended Project: Dock Of The Bay August 2012

This wasn't intended to be a multi-track project. It started with a recording from last week's practice (Rick on bass, Alan on drums).
As practice recordings go I thought it was pretty decent, so I wanted to add horns.
Unfortunately I'd dropped my cornet on the floor that night (it's in the shop now, another 'Benjamin' needlessly gone) so I had to use my crappy back-up trumpet.
It's a poor workman who blames his tools. Reminds me of another quotable thing I heard (completely unrelated), "During prohibition there was no shortage of alcohol in the White House"!
Anyhow, my horn playing was pretty sharp and I don't mean the good way. Later on the computer I was able to detune that a bit, and chop around the 2nd guitar I tacked on.

Talk about 'polishing a turd', I even edited in a couple of words I got wrong.
Sometimes I just can't stop myself.

NEW and INGROOVED: ARG-LucySkyDiamonds1c.mp3

7/20/2011 A few tweaks (mostly timing), properly combined original tracks with Alan and Rick's tracks.

ARG-LucySkyDiamonds1bb.mp3 7/15/2011 A few tweaks: added cardboard tube sound to "iconic" beats (left channel); snipped 60ms after 2nd verse.

7/13/11 Drums and electric guitar added, by Alan Nemeth and Rick Zeman, respectively.
To their credit, Alan and Rick added their parts cold, without any click or beat reference other than my inconsistent bass, acoustic guitars and vocals.
First time multi-tracking with the Zoom H4 handheld recorder.


NEW PROJECT 7/4/2011 Song by Lennon-McCartney.


At this point, all instruments and vocals are by gareth.
Could use some good drums!
As with most Beatles songs I had to transpose it to accomodate my voice, here's the sheet in both keys: LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds.TXT

This Grateful Dead song was written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

7/20/2011 108-candyman-6b.mp3 A few neurotic tweaks in envelope and timing (vocal, harp, bass, acoustic guitar and new piano).


1/26/2011 1:01:06 PM 108-candyman-6a.mp3 Bass boost (200,8db); shift newest piano from 40% left to 30% right, brings it out a bit.

At this point, all instruments and vocals are still by gareth (except Alan's drum samples).
Thanks also to Alan for use of his Yamaha TG-100 (midi tone module), the "newest piano" sound.

1/21/2011 108-candyman-5 Replaced vocal (debut of Bluebird mic), 2nd bass take (Steinberger)

1/8/2011 108-candyman-4d Replaced that annoying harp note, boosted echo near end of harp solo.

1/4/2011 108-candyman-4b Slight drum tweaks, intro beats, a little extra vocal EQ, guitar intro tweaks.

12/22/2010 Newer yet 108-candyman-4a.mp3 Different drums (Alan samples) and another tweak or two.

11/28/2010 7:10PM Newer - improveder! 108-candyman_mix3a.mp3
128kbps MP3 created (about 6MB) to replace 11/24's gareth-candyman108(2a).mp3: 108-candyman_mix3.mp3 (see above)
Not only does it have some timing fixes but I also threw a little delay on my voice to smooth out the rough edges. The click/drum is probably useless starting before the song but there it is anyhow. I went to WAV before changing to MP3 this time, seems to have helped the general quality.
11/28/2010 3:15PM
128kbps MP3 created (about 6MB): candyman-2a-guitars&beat-only.mp3
In Firefox, select "Save link as". If you're using Internet Explorer, choose "Save target as".

11/24/2010 2a
Some tweaking as well as adding the missing track.
Arrangement now more-or-less correct, gareth-candyman108(2a).mp3 (This one didn't sound so good)

My November 2010 invitation.

Ma fellow 'Mericans.
Here is one of my very fave Dead songs, a little demo with guitars vocals and keys. There's a click track too (it's hard playing slow!).
My thought was to get help with harmonies and whatever else folks would like to add.
Clearly there are things (like my keyboard) that could stand improvement (if not complete replacement) by someone who's more savvy on keyboard or whatever.
But at least the layout is sketched out, and an arrangement (copied directly from the American Beauty recording).
Mr Neurosis that I am, my tendency is to beat my head against this ad-infinitum and try to do it all, but I'm forcing myself to try not to do that (uh huh), and move on to other projects.
So, I can make any combination of these tracks available, leaving holes if you want to add or replace anything.
There's no reason why I can't end up with a mix of me singing lead and playing a kazoo solo, and you have a mix with you singing lead and playing fuzz-distorto-kalimba extravaganza.
Let's just learn how to do this remote track-sharing - and get good at it!
And remember, to more-or-less quote the Tappet Brothers: every project justifies new tools.

11/23/2010 108-candyman-2.aup
Dumped in some 11/21 tracks: keys; vocal; ac guitar. Thought there was a different elec guitar but where is it?

Zooom project 108 11/17/2010 10:46PM
1 - ELEC GUITAR (L) 108-candyman-1.wav V-take-2 11/20/2010 9:42PM
2 - CLICK (R) 108-candyman-2.wav
3 - AC GUITAR (L) 108-candyman-3.wav V-take-2&3(3 starting about 5:20, go with 2, 3 copied over the end to fix it)
4 - voice 1 (L) 108-candyman-4.wav V-take-2
5 - harp (L) 108-candyman-5.wav
6 - voice dub added 11/18 on computer, cut and paste.

11/21/2010 12:01PM keys on 6 vtake 3 might be salvageable

Click track = programmed drum pattern 473 at 78.7 bpm / I think I had to bump it up a bit

Candyman - Grateful Dead, Hunter/Garcia [4] (2)

Intro: (Bb) (F) [C] x 4

Come [C]all you pretty [C]women
with your [Gm]hair a hangin' [F]down
[F]Open up your windows 'cause the Candyman's in [G]town
[G]Come on boys and [Dm]gamble
[G]roll those laughin' [Dm]bones
[F]Seven come [F]eleven, boys, I'll [F]take your money [G]home [G]

(Bb)Look out, look (F)out, the [C]Candyman
(Bb)Here he (F)come and he's [C]gone again
[Am]Pretty lady ain't [G]got no friend 'til the
[F]Candyman comes a-[G]round again [G]

I come in from Memphis where I learned to talk the jive
When I get back to Memphis, be one less man alive
Good mornin', Mr. Benson, I see you're doing well
If I had me a shotgun, I'd blow you straight to hell

(Bb)Look out, look (F)out, the [C]Candyman
(Bb)Here he (F)come and he's [C]gone again
[Am]Pretty lady ain't [G]got no friend 'til the
[F]Candyman comes a-[G]round again [G][G]


Come on boys and wager if you have got the mind
If you've got a dollar, boys, then lay it on the line
Hand me my old guitar, pass the whiskey 'round
Won't you tell everybody you meet that the Candyman's in town

(Bb)Look out, look (F)out, the [C]Candyman
(Bb)Here he (F)come and he's [C]gone again
[Am]Pretty lady ain't [G]got no friend 'til the
[F]Candyman comes a-(G)round a-(G7)gain (F)(C) !!!!!

(Bb)Look out, look (F)out, the [C]Candyman
(Bb)Here he (F)come and he's [C]gone again
[Am]Pretty lady ain't [G]got no friend 'til the
[F]Candyman comes a-[G]round again [G]