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The C ninth chord shown on the 3th fret (root on 5th string 3rd fret).

I confess when I took this I was more concerned with the camera-angle than what it sounded like. I doubt I even strummed it at that moment.
Probably that first finger oughta be a bit closer to the nut, that 4th string is intended to sound as fretted on 2nd fret, untouched by my 2nd finger.

This site suggests an easier variation on what I've shown: don't even play the 1st string.
However, for the C chord anyhow, that 1st string 3rd fret fits just fine.

I think I later ditched that chord in favour of the CM7, but you can use the same shape for the F9 chord, on the 8th fret instead of the 3rd.
I also think that someone told me once that a ninth chord implies a seventh also.

Check guitar chord sites like this one for other ways to play this chord.