Albert Ogden from Murfreesboro, TN: guitar, vocals

Jake Cox from Kansas City, MO: harp, vocals

Keith Goggin from Sugarland, TX: guitar extraordinaire and vocals

Lisa Goggin from Sugarland, TX: percussion and backup vocals

Van Bergen from Seattle, WA: keyboard and vocals

Michael Ray Taylor from ARKANSAS on bass

Gareth Ridout from Ravenna, OH: bass, cornet, vocals

Nancy Taylor from Ravenna, OH: percussion, digital horn and backup vocals

Bob Alderson from Roanoke, VA: guitar, slide guitar and vocals


Mark Dodge from Camano Island, thanks for powering us with your excellent drumming!
The usage of your bass and killer Eden amplifier was also much appreciated.
Mark may not be a caver, but has been a member of Bat Conservation International for 25 years.

Some of the songs played that night (not in order yet):

  • Crossroads (Cream/Clapton [Robert Johnson], Sung By Keith)

  • Badge (Cream/Clapton [Clapton-Harrison], Sung By Keith)

  • I Shot The Sheriff (Eric Clapton [Bob Marley], Sung By Keith)

  • Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett [Sir Mack Rice], sung by Gareth) lyrics

  • U.S.Blues (Grateful Dead [Hunter/Garcia], sung by Gareth) lyrics

  • Alabama Song (Doors [Brecht/Weill], sung by Gareth)

  • White Room (Cream/Clapton [Bruce-Brown], Sung By Keith) Lyrics, tab

  • Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull, Sung By Albert)

  • Suzy Q (CCR/John Fogerty, sung by Albert)

  • Why Get Up (Fabulous Thunderbirds, sung by Albert)

  • Best Friends (Albert Ogden, sung by Albert)

  • Terminal Blues (Albert Ogden, sung by Albert)

  • Frustrated Love (Albert Ogden, sung by Albert)

  • Honey Don't (Beatles [Carl Perkins], sung by Bob)

  • Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Tom Petty [Bob Dylan], sung by Bob)

  • All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan, sung by Albert) lyrics

  • Planet Claire (B52s, sung by Albert)

  • Walk Out In The Rain (Clapton [Bob Dylan & Helena Springs], sung by Keith) lyrics

  • Holy Mother (Eric Clapton, sung by Keith)

  • The Neighborhood (David Hidalgo, sung by Keith)

  • 96 Tears (Question Mark and the Mysterians, sung by Van)

  • Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd, sung by Albert)

  • Hey Joe (Hendrix [Billy Roberts], sung by Albert)

  • They Call Me The Breeze (Skynryd [J.J.Cale], sung by Keith)

  • Cocaine (Eric Clapton [J.J.Cale], sung by Keith)

  • Knocking On Heaven's Door (Clapton [Bob Dylan], sung by Albert)

  • - - (Break) - -

  • Alabama Song (Doors [Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht], sung by Gareth)

  • Bears (Steven Fromholz, sung by Albert)

  • Standing On The Rock (Ozark Mountain Daredevils, sung by Albert)

  • Paradise (John Prine, sung by Albert)

  • Wild Thing / Hang On Sloopy / Louie Louie (sung by Albert)

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