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(Paris Twp. Ohio, unless otherwise noted)

VIDEO - Catbird bathing, Paris Twp., 6/12/2010, made with Powershot.

VIDEO - Downy Woodpecker parent feeds young. 6/8/2010, Canon Powershot S5IS.

VIDEO - On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 8:11 PM, Edwin Ridout wrote: We heard the Barred Owl in the woods when we got home (Virginia) at 5pm. And again about 7:30pm.
Seemed to be right up there somewhere, but I couldn't see him until several moments after he had taken off in the direction of another owl. So there's only audio with leafy accompaniment here.
GR: "Who cooks for you?" We talked about splitting the audio from the video, but I like the leafy accompaniment - even if there's no owl in sight!

VIDEO - Aug 2 '09, Sunflower and Goldfinches. Mine, posted on youtube, no sound.

VIDEO - Here's the link to my first internet video, 1995 birds-nest surprise, the Phoebe Four. Soundtrack: Bold&FlyLikeEnergy (gareth and nancy circa 1983). I posted it some years ago.
FF to the end if you're impatient or don't like my song, but ya gotta see the end.
A comment about the end (spoiler alert).

MP3 - Catbird, Frog, House Wren 6/8/2011 Paris Twp., Ohio. 27 seconds, Zoom H4.

MP3 - Memorial-Day'11_Mystery-Bird 5/30/2011 Paris Twp., Ohio. 19 seconds, Zoom H4.
Thanks to brother Nick for identifying the Eastern Towhee

MP3 - (click the pic)
Rain and Red-winged Blackbird 3/13/2011 Paris Twp., Ohio. 2 seconds, Zoom H4.

Red-winged Blackbird with perhaps a Red-bellied Woodpecker in there too? 37 seconds, Zoom H4.

MP3 - Ruby-throated Hummingbird 9/11/2010 Paris Twp., Ohio. 6 seconds, MiniDisc.

MP3 - House Wren 7/11/2010 Paris Twp., Ohio. 13 seconds, MiniDisc, noise reduction (applied to all 5 of these I think).
House Wren and Chickadee 11 seconds. Chickadee (and House Wren) 26 seconds.
Cardinal and House Wren 1:25. Robin and House Wren 0:55, Wren (the 'twittery' one) may be closest to mic on the latter.
I didn't visually confirm any of these birds during this day's recording, so let me know if you think I've misidentified anyone.

MP3 - Memorial Day Thunder Storm Part I in Paris Twp., 2010. About 5 minutes.
MP3 - Memorial Day Thunder Storm Part II in Paris Twp., 2010. About 5 minutes.

MP3 - Catbird (and Red-bellied Woodpecker), May 31 '10, Paris Twp. Ohio. Mono MiniDisc recording, a 37 second serenade. Often he'll go on and on (longer recordings coming soon).

MP3 - Catbird, May 27 '10, Paris Twp. Ohio. Mono MiniDisc recording, about a minute.
MP3 - Catbird (and Field Sparrow), May 27 '10, Paris Twp. Ohio. Mono MiniDisc, 1:37. Train in background is over 2 miles away.

MP3 - Our own Barred Owl, August '09, Paris Twp. Ohio. Minidisc recording, 1:25. Thanks to Bruce Morgan for identification.
MP3 - Same Barred Owl, skip the frogs, cut to the chase! 0:22    Surely one of my most fortunate recordings.

MP3 - Kildeer, Sept. 10 '09, Paris Twp. Ohio. I spooked it and it took off, making this sound.

MP3 - Pewee with both ascending and descending second note, frog. 7/13/09

MP3 - Frog, Cardinal, Peewee, Mourning Dove. 7/13/09

JPG - peewee_1668.jpg Eastern Wood Peewee, July 2009. (Paris Twp Ohio)

MP3 - Bluebird chicks, July 2009

JPG - IMG_1815-cs_gaping.jpg Hungry Bluebird chick, July 19 2009. (Paris Twp Ohio)

JPG - IMG_1739cs.jpg IMG_1741cs.jpg Bluebird chicks, July 15 2009.

MP3 - I am thinking this could be a Phoebe, but am reasonably sure the second and louder voice is the Titmouse.

MP3 - Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (noisy)

This coincided with my confirmed sighting (catalpa tree as I recall). Probably May 2009, Paris Twp. Ohio.
I used my not-very-good handheld cassette recorder and intended to put it down somewhere before he flew off, sorry about that.
Click for more Grosbeak photos

MP3 - Here's a better Grosbeak, recorded with Sharp MiniDisc and Nancy's Sony microphone. About a minute long and a megabyte in filesize. About 8:00am May 12, 2010. I did quite a bit of envelope tweaking and noise removal in Audacity. I didn't have visual confirmation, but ...
Same day I got a little video snippet at the feeder, confirming my identification. One from yesterday too.
Didn't anyone ever tell them not to speak with their beaks full?
  • BTW, I used Wondershare to convert the above two from AVI to MP4 and trim them.

  • MP3 - Red-winged Blackbird (0:10 MD track 11, May 13, 2010) While this may be one of the closer recordings I've got, I think it loses something compared to the sample below.
    MP3 - Red-winged Blackbird (1:23 MD track 13, May 13, 2010) I used just a little background noise-reduction on this.

    MP3 - Quite sure this is the Oriole, I watched him in one of our "sister" oak trees while recording. Same thing but with a little noise removal, Audacity rules!!!
    The geese in the background were a nice coincidence. For sure a mini-disc recording, what a contrast to the cheapo tape recorder!
    BTW, someone posted a video of an Oriole here with a sound that to my ear says "Catbird". Check it out and let me know what you think.


    Hello Gareth,
    Thank you for visiting www.wild-bird-watching.com
    Actually the video is misnamed. The Oriole isn't singing at all, it was in another video we didn't use. I think it's a Brown Thrasher that's singing along with a Cardinal cheep. We'll change the title as we get time.
    Thank you,
    Gene Planker

    MP3 - Field Sparrow 4/4/10, in a tall tree on our north-east corner (MiniDisc).

    MP3 - Red-winged Blackbird 4/4/10, scratching around under our feeder (MiniDisc).

    MP3 - Mystery bird #2 Sunday morning, Paris Twp., March 27, 2011. Zoom H4, 11 seconds.
    MP3 - Mystery bird(I have an idea, but see what you think) Sunday morning, Paris Twp., March 27, 2011. Zoom H4, 10 seconds.

    MP3 - Mystery bird, in woods behind our house, Paris Twp., June 25 2010. About 1:37. MiniDisc.
    MP3 - More mystery bird, with clucking Redwing Blackbird kids, Paris Twp., June 25 2010. Anyone have a clue? About a minute long.

    MP3 - April-2010_mystery_bird.mp3 Can anyone identify the foreground singer? Carolina Wren perhaps? ... That's what I'm thinking.

    Probably recorded Easter weekend 2010, Paris Twp., Ohio.
    MiniDisc, Sony tie-tack mic, mono.
    Digitization: Audacity v1.3.8 beta.

    In the background I believe I can identify these participants: (approx begin time in parentheses)
  • Song Sparrow (8)
  • Red-winged Blackbird (11.5)
  • Mourning Dove (19)
  • Cardinal (22, 31 )
  • Field Sparrow (26, 41)
  • Red-bellied Woodpecker (37)
  • Crow (46)

  • MP3 - April-2010_mystery_bird_w-noise-removal.mp3 Same recording with some Audacity noise-reduction applied. Settings
    Noise reduction (dB) : 10
    Frequency smoothing (Hz): 150
    Attack/decay time (secs): 0.15

    More from Easter weekend, Paris Twp. (MiniDisc, noise-reduction applied):
    MP3 - cardinal-redbelly-fieldsparrow-dove.mp3 (MiniDisc in same place)
    MP3 - April-2010_two-cardinals.mp3
    MP3 - April-2010_two-cardinals_2-sounds(C).mp3
    MP3 - song-sparrow_Easter-2010.mp3

    Note: Let me know if you think I've misidentified any of these. Unless noted they probably weren't recorded while watching the singer.

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