Rose-breasted Grosbeak, transitional male (Sept. 2010)

I call this a "transitional" male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, doesn't have all the adult plumage yet.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak, male in flight (June '09)

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I don't claim that these are in sequence resembling actual flight.
Also, I doubt these are all the same individual, we've had up to four adult males at the same time lately.

June 10, '09. A young male perhaps? Compare eyebrow to female (below)

Until I get a better shot, the feeder composite-shot gives a clue to underwing colour. Also you can compare size to House Finch. I eagerly look forward to changes over the coming days, perhaps the camera will catch some of it. A few years back I saw one that looked half male and half female, very striking in its unusual combination of blacks, whites and browns.

April 25, '09. Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak ... or it could be a male immature.

G's recording of the Grosbeak's lovely song.     (There's a newer/better recording, details on this page).
This coincided with my confirmed sighting (catalpa tree as I recall). Probably May 2009, Paris Twp. Ohio.
I fumbled with my not-very-good handheld cassette recorder just before he flew further off, sorry about the noise.

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