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About the Terminal Syphons

The Terminal Syphons is a caver band that began at the 1985 NSS Convention in Frankfort, Kentucky, and has been performing a blend of rock and roll, blues and R&B for fellow cavers at nearly all the conventions ever since.

Wednesday nights at NSS Conventions were traditionally "dead nights", with no parties, no photo salons, and no banquets. Enter Albert Ogden, with the idea for a band to provide free entertainment for the cavers.
Albert first formed the band with Jake Cox, Gareth Ridout, Nancy Taylor and Claire Snider in '85. Since then the band has grown and seen many personnel changes, depending on who was actually available to play. A basic core of players evolved in the early years and these have been joined by several other caver musicians since then.

TERMINAL SYPHONS: some of the players


[Listed in order of cubic density (metric) divided by a random octal domesticity index].


Albert Ogden from Murfreesboro, TN on guitar and vocals

Jake Cox from Kansas City, MO: blows the harp

Kass Kastning from D.C. on drums

Keith Goggin from Houston, TX on lead guitar and lead vocals

Lisa Goggin from Houston, TX on percussion and backup vocals

Vivian Loften from Austin, TX on alto saxophone

Van Bergen from Seattle, WA on keyboards

Robin Barber from TEXAS on saxophone and flute

Michael Ray Taylor from ARKANSAS on bass

Gareth Ridout from OHIO on bass & cornet

Nancy Taylor from OHIO on percussion and vocals

Bob Alderson from Roanoke, VA on guitar and vocals

Bill Stone from D.C. on guitar and vocals


The lineup is always subject to change and reinvention, and there will likely be some surprise musicians sitting in with the band. And, of course, everyone is encouraged to attend the 2014 NSS Convention in Huntsville and see the Terminal Syphons again!

Terminal Syphons Performance History (NSS Conventions unless noted otherwise*)

2013 Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Video, audio recordings
2012 Lewisburg, West Virginia Audio recordings
*2011 Texas Cavers Reunion, Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City, TX. Photos
2010 ?
*2009 International Congress of Speleology. Kerrville, TX. Photos
2008 Lake City Video
2007 ?
2006 Bellingham, Washington
*2005 Texas Old Timers (TCR)
2005 Huntsville, Alabama
2004 Marquette, MI
*2004 Marengo, IN (Cave Capers)
2003 Porterville, CA
*2003 Salem, IN (Cave Capers)
2002 Camden, ME
2001 Mt. Vernon, KY
2000 Elkins, WV
1999 Filer, ID
1998 Sewanee, TN
1996 Salido, CO
1995 Blacksburg, VA
1992 Salem, IN
1991 Cobbeskill, NY
1990 Yreka, CA
1989 Sewanee, TN
1987 Sault St. Marie, MI
1986 Tularosa, NM
1985 Frankfort, Ky

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