IMG_7018-24-sc.gif 9/6/10 Usually the Nuthatch is in and out with military efficiency, doesn't sit still for long.
On this occasion both Goldfinch and Nuthatch lingered for quite a few minutes, moving just to keep an eye on things.
The frequency of position changes in this animated sequence is quite close to the timing of the actual photographs.
They're a foot or two from the camera, just outside the kitchen window.

Sometimes I wonder, is the Nuthatch a woodpecker? Well, they're in the woodpecker section of our bird book.
A web search turns up numerous hits such as "Nuthatches and Woodpeckers", so I suppose they are considered alike but separate.

I say Nuthatch as if the White-breasted is the only one, it's not. While we have had the Rose-breasted, this one here (White-breasted) is the common one in our area. I believe there are others as well, but we've not seen them.