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  •   Tequila "commercial" (very funny :-) (link for download)
  •    g's 4th of July Uke Strum, FWIW, undeveloped original.
  •   Gray Tree Frog that somehow found its way into our living room.
    We heard it last year too, but never could find it or identify it. It was silent through the winter, then it started making noise a few weeks ago.
    I made this minidisc recording last weekend I think (5/5/09). The mic must have been within a foot of the mystery creature but we had yet to see it. It was amusing how it seemed to talk in response to Nancy's voice, but not to mine.
    A few days ago I was outside and heard the exact same sounds (which were now more firmly in my head thanks to the recording) convincing me it had to be a frog.
    Yesterday (5/15/09) Nancy saw it appear on the carpet so she caught it and took it outside. She identified it online and took a couple of shakey pictures.
    Note: the pictures were take OUTSIDE. If we ever told you our house was somewhat cluttered, this may make you think it's more like a swamp. It's not, it may be cluttered but it's dry!
  • Recorded May 17 2009 in Export (Dad's kitchen) with minidisc and Sony tie-tack stereo microphone:
    Nick (fiddle); Dad (fiddle); and Gareth (guitar).

  •   Newcastle.
  •   Oranges And Lemons.
  •   Hunsdon House.
  •   Goddesses.
  •   Chelsea Reach.
  •   Jackie Tarr.
  •   Gilderoy.
  •   Jack's Maggot.
  • Nick and Gareth's wedding recordings of August 2009.

    Nick (guitar); Dad (fiddle), Sept or October? 2009.

  •   Old Noll's Jig.
    Here's a landscape PDF I made of this wonderful tune, transposed into a couple of different keys. Includes original scan from Playford book, showing the melody.
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