Welcome To The Breakaway Republic Of Kidneystonia



So, like, where is Kidneystonia?

Well, if you have a good supply of Vicodin, it's right across the border from Numbia.

So, like, is it just me, or is exhibit D flashing?

It's not just you dude.
The stoner webmaster wanted to show the silhouetted shot (back-lit) as well as the coloured one (front-lit) since the former sharpened up some of those smaller crystal points. I've been digging animated GIFs and thought it seemed like a good opportunity.

What is the composition of these crystals really?

Well, if you must get all serious about it, I'll have to refer you to our stone-face department.

Whoa dude, too much information! How could you publish a page like this? I mean, some of us just don't want this stuff in our faces!

Yes well, I hear what you're saying and I can see where you're coming from but please be assured that the intent isn't to offend.
Fortunately for me, in Kidneystonia I would not be convicted by a jury of my pee-ers.

Cool animations! Any plans for a full-length feature Stoner movie?

Funny you should ask, negotiations are under way as we speak with big stars like Billy Crystal, Chris Rock, Sharon S., etc
Of course you didn't hear it from me but for director it seems only natural we should be talking to Oliver's people, and I'm thinking maybe Mick Jagger and company for the soundtrack.
Other choices include the Stone Ponies, N.E.Ohio's own Kidney Bros., Muddy Waters, Frank Zappa and of course Sly.

Speaking of music, what do you stoners like to listen to?

Funny you should ask, we just had our big music awards ceremony last night - The Stoney Awards.
Best indie album of 2K9 goes to ... the envelope please ... Brandy Lynn Confer for her CD "In The Dust"! Yay!

And don't tell the director I said so, but a stoner staffer told me he heard the Rutles playing in the Head Potentate's office.

Can we expect an endorsement for Stoney's beer anytime soon?

Nah. It's Yuengling all the way around here, baby!

Thanks for visiting our museum!
Feel free to stop for sustenance at our in-house pub the Unturned Stone.
House specialty: stone-cold porridge.

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Best wishes for a great and happy New Year,

The ROCKIN' citizens of Kidneystonia.

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