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  • NEW  InGroovement at the Barking Spider.
  • Steve Frost's video: Dad's 90th birthday party.

  • Home of the Genus Project. Candyman is the current project, get the latest neurotic mix here.

  • Pseudo Locking Nut For Gibson SG
  • Jack Casady Bass Schematic You can get this from Gibson, but while readable, it's a bit fuzzy. Here is my cleaned-up rendition of it.

  • LYRICS With the exception of the first bunch which I either did from scratch or drastically altered what someone else started, most of these files will be text dumps of stuff I've found online and massaged (or not) to suit my voice and/or printout needs. OFTEN I'll put songs into different keys, some will be messy, I may have selected a section to print out at such-and-such font/size etc. Some have chords, many don't. I tend to remember chords more easily than lyrics. The parentheses may indicate author or performer, I don't always know who wrote it.
    Feel free to email me with any corrections. (if you can't make out my address, get me on Myspace)
    ... especially if you know who authored a song!
    And, sorry about the dead links. I'll blame Embarq's stupid "media safe" for that.

  • Candyman Grateful Dead. I'm doing this in C lately, unusual for me to manage it (more or less) in an original key.
  • I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Bob Dylan. I'm doing this in D lately.
  • The Dolphins Fred Neil. One of my latest "all-time-fave" songs. Many have covered this, I like Tim Buckley and Fred himself.
  • If You Want To Get To Heaven Ozark Mountain Daredevils, 3 different keys, awready forget which one I like for my voice.
  • Once Bitten Twice Shy Ian Hunter, neurotically transposed to multiple keys.
    Hopefully my jail sentence won't be seven times concurrent for posting this (for educational purposes only) in multiple keys!
  • The Itch Keb'Mo', not transposed. Another one from Suitcase.
  • Layla Unplugged. Added piano coda from Dominoes version
  • I'm Coming Home Eddie Boyd, blues.
  • King Of Bohemia Richard Thompson again.
  • With A Girl Like You Lovely little Rutles ballad. I transposed it, even though I can just about manage it in C. I wondered if Eric Idle actually sang it, as shown in the film "All You Need Is Cash". This site says Ollie Halsall provided Eric's character's singing voice.
  • Friends And Lovers I transposed it, and need to again... New key added
  • Crawl Back (Richard Thompson) I transposed it
  • Poppy Red (Richard Thompson) Sweet Warrior (2007) Yeah - I love RT.
  • Life Is Beautiful (Keb'Mo') From his great 2006 CD Suitcase
  • Whole Nother Thang (Keb'Mo') From Suitcase
  • Holding (John Hartford) From Aereo-Plain
  • Many A Mile To Freedom (Traffic)
  • First Girl I Loved (John Hartford) From Aereo-Plain
  • Crazy Fingers (Grateful Dead) One of my all-time faves, from Blues For Allah
  • Granny Wontcha Smoke Some (John Hartford) From Nobody Knows What You Do
  • Working on this: Finale Notepad format | MIDI file | PDF
  • Gary-songs At Rites of Fall '09, Gary gave out some song sheets he'd printed. I scanned these into this PDF: Devil In Disguise; No Matter What; Cheap Sunglasses; Every Time I Roll The Dice; Too Much Of Nothing; Long Cool Woman; Old Folks Boogie; Fat Man In The Bathtub.

  • How Long Blues, from Pinetop Perkins & Friends. My lame attempt to transcribe the great man's piano introduction. Finale Notepad format | MIDI file | PDF

  • Angel From Montgomery (John Prine)
  • Before You Accuse Me (Clapton, and ?)
  • Big Boss Man (Jimmy Reed, Grateful Dead)
  • Bold & Fly Like Energy (gareth) original
  • Mr. Spider (gareth) original
  • Maker Blues (gareth) original
  • Maggie May (Rod Stewart) On my list as a 12-string song
  • Dylan Chords (Zip File) Many songs in htm format, 2MB
  • Train song lyrics (Zip File) Collected for Steve B's going-away party.
  • Beatles Complete (PDF format) Many songs in one 1.9MB file

  • Touch of Grey (Grateful Dead)
  • Country Honk (Stones) Gotta do this sometime!
  • Far Away Eyes (Stones) (Chords shown for both G and E although the latter may be slightly inaccurate) Gary did this in Pawpaw - it was big fun - but I don't recall what key. I threw it into G for my lunchtime guitar-strumming buddies at work today.
  • You Won't See Me (Lennon McCartney) Works well for me in G (chords given).

  • MY BLUES SPREADSHEET (EXCEL) A few songs spelled out in I - IV - V terms. This could certainly be expanded on, many songs having virtually identical patterns.


  • My Sound Studio (PC multi-track recording/editing program) About 9MB. Small and easy but old and a bit limited these days.
  • Wondershare, used for video conversion and editing. I bet I got it free from Giveaway Of The Day.
  • Audacity. This picks up where My Sound Studio leaves off, it's free and GREAT!!
  • BTW I highly recommend TRANSCRIBE. This is a great aid to learning songs, especially if you need any help identifying notes, chords, or need pitch shifting, speed changing. They're up to version 7 or so, I really like version 6 so let me know if you want that (like if v7 isn't obvious what to do). I liked it so much I paid the small registration fee. I don't use it so much for pitch identification, but a friend of mine uses it a lot for that. I love starting and stopping with the space bar (other programs can do that too - like My Sound Studio - but Transcribe loads faster).

  • M P 3 FILES

  • Broken out to a separate page. The "embedded" effect slows the page loading.

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