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Kidney stones aren't just all fun and games, ya know!
… there is also a darker side …


Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the composition of these crystals really?

With this particular stoner, for two different stones the lab says calcium oxalate.
The doc adds that that is the most common type.

This font is hard to read on my computer, this page only, what's up with that?

I'm trying a different font - Verdana.
It is more readable on the webmaster's computer, but some may not have this font.
Must be you, click here for the more common Arial font.

As much as I'd like to start my own collection, how do I curb this impulse?

Don't take my word for it but I hear there are several types of kidney stone, and more than several types of people when you consider diet, metabolism and predisposition to cheating at pinochle.
Consequently, I doubt that there are any one-size-fits-all plans for avoidance.
However, there does appear to be a lot of agreement that the daily drinking of water is a very good thing.

At my urologist's suggestion, I gave up peanuts, cola and tea (as well as upping my water intake significantly).
He also listed chocolate in his top four offenders, but ... really!
Again, the recommendations given to me were specifically for calcium oxalate stones.
They sent me a longer list of things to "help limit your calcium oxalate intake, to help reduce your chances of another stone", but I thought it was outrageous. Still, you can see it here if you like. (Note: posted without permission)

Is it true that kidney stones hurt like hell?

IMHO, jah man.

This is one of the few sentiments I've found in life which seems to garner universal agreement.
The painful part of the stone's journey is said to be through the ureter (little tube from kidney to bladder).
What nobody told me is that this little jaunt can take weeks. A little progress (with pain), then maybe it will get stuck for a while and you can get back to playing polo, or whatever it is you do to pass the time.

The tiniest grain-of-sand sized stone can put you out of commission.
How on earth Big Bertha made it though is boggling my mind.
And yes, before you ask, unlike the others that one did get my attention when it made final egress.

How to know if the little ones are to blame? Maybe it was Big Bertha all along.

That's my latest theory. Of course I'll never know for sure.

Perhaps a big one was taking a long time through the ureter - causing pain when it shifted - and small bits broke off from time to time (this is the Breakaway Republic after all).
Mr. Small comes out and immediately gets apprehended and indicted.

No! Wait! I didn't do it, I'm a good guy!
The one you're looking for is Ms. Big and she's still in there! Nooooo!

Dare I ask, will there be an Exhibit G?

That is indeed the question.
A phrase has repeatedly come to mind over the last 6 months or so:
Young man, you act as though the SWORD OF DAMOCLES was hanging over your head.

A little background: this saga began in March '09, and a few days later when I thought I'd recovered I heaved a sigh of relief saying I'm sure glad that's over with!
It was not over with, but it was 3 months before I found out. The periods of dormancy got shorter and the Damocles effect increased.
Then - Big Bertha, less than 3 weeks ago as I write this but already it feels like a surprisingly long dormant period.
So, although I'm starting to wonder, it will have to be quite a few months before I stop looking up.

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